Saturday, March 3, 2012

selamat pagi cikgu !

sila mainkan tune ini untk mengambil feel yang menarik.  ^_^ teehee


pada hari pendaftaran

why are you smiling??

um, actually sir, from my childhood  I used to dream of studying in institute of teacher education. ^_^

Today , I'm sitting over here, feeling excited sir!! ngeehee  

( ^_^ )

no need to be so overexcited . =.='  erkk! ok. ngeehee

from the moment I stepped in this lifetime profession..

 I promise to take their hands and walk with them.

fikiran mengalamun jauh...

siap terbaring-baring lagi . cikgu ajar apa benda ni?  ;D

deng.deng. shoot dr jauh ( my senior )

alolo.comel-comelnya  :P

outside there : alolo comelnya ( more often )

another love letter 

"cikgu kecik  tapi suara besaq" haha. give me five dik! hehe


kalau sister lak apa? 

my sister is a laptop. haha. kelakar

she got a gift from her pupil. He called that " ultraman lemas" hahaha

comel-comel. teehee

and then


No matter how hard it will be. 

Insha Allah.

Perhaps someday when I walk down the street, couldn't find 

the way to go home as I forget everything happens around 

me, someone will hold my hands and take me away while the

 others turn around and ask;

"Who's she?"

"She's the one who consumed herself to light the way for

 others. Yes, she''s my beloved teacher."

tsk..tsk.. T.T


p/s : special untuk kak tiq :) .  a luxurious experience for your 

SBE today. ;D

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